Amazon Life for WWF Italy

Braccialini’s environmentally friendly brand, produced using only raw materials with zero-impact, supports WWF Italy’s campaign by devoting the revenue from the sales of three of the handbags from the new collection to raise funds for this initiative.

Amazonlife proves that it is possible to harmoniously utilize the materials and resources that nature offers us, such as cotton, linen, jute, coconut, straw and more, to produce fashion accessories.

This goal is achieved with the direct collaboration of the Indios, offering viable economic and labor alternatives to local populations.

The three exclusive models created for WWF are manufactured with the hemp obtained from old canvas cots of the Amerigo Vespucci training ship and rubberized canvas of army ponchos, while finishes are in natural rubber.

wwf italia amazonlife braccialinigroup

The Amazonlife brand is owned by Braccialini, ambassador of Made in Italy creativity around the world for over sixty years. This operation signals further collaboration with the WWF for the Florentine fashion house, distinguished for its commitment to the environment and the use of renewable energy, placing it among the most modern and aware enterprises in Italy.