Amazonlife Project

AmazonLife (the Brazilian trademark whose international license was acquired in July 2007 by Braccialini Srl) is trying to defend the Amazonian traditions and cultures, that are threatened and need to be safeguarded through the promotion of a sustainable lifestyle, in perfect balance with the environment and its preservation.


By purchasing rubber – the raw material used for the manufacture of the bags – AmazonLife gives work to several families of rubber tappers – known in the local language as “Seringueiros”, from the name of the rubber tree, the “Seringueira” – who live in the area of Boca do Acre. These families spend six months every year in the heart of the darkness of the Amazon rainforest, where they extract latex and process it by hand. The outcome of such hard and patient work is authentic vegetable rubber, which represents a valid economic alternative for these people, as well as a precious instrument to safeguard territorial biodiversity and prevent the merciless deforestation of the Amazon basin, the greatest lung of the American continent, which is about to collapse.

Rubber is the symbol of the riches that Mother Nature can yield.
AmazonLife’s commitment to the production of environmentally friendly bags demonstrates that it is possible to extract resources and materials from nature without jeopardizing or damaging it, such as cotton, linen, jute, coconut, straw, et cetera and use them for making bags and accessories.
Besides relying on the use of natural raw materials, AmazonLife also recycles garments, shirts and old foulards to give life to a collection ‘without frontiers’ that brings forest lifestyle and respect for the environment into daily urban life.
It’s the expression of simplicity, purity and of the values of nature; it’s addressed to all those who understand the meaning of true style.