Braccialini for Africa

The “Smile bag” is a item of the spring-summer 2013 collection whose sales will support the charity project in cooperation with Busajo Onlus.
The project aims to help street children of Soddo, in the Ethiopian Wolayta region, one of Africa’s most underprivileged areas.

Braccialini for africa

Street children are the last of the last: orphaned, abandoned or rejected by their families they have no title to long distance adoptions, cannot access schooling, medical care or job training programs.
The Busajo NGO censed over 2000 street children in Soddo: they manage a large reception and re-education center dedicated to them since 2009, and are planning a new structure in 2013 to face the ever increasing number of abandoned kids in that area.
Braccialini’s support to the Busajo NGO will contribute to the excavation of an artesian well, an essential initial step for the building of the new structure.