Roberto Braccialini 1954Slide thumbnail

Carla and Roberto Braccialini began his first production and sales of leather bags and straw

Braccialini 1976Slide thumbnail

Carla Braccialini Carla takes the helm of the company after the untimely death of her husband

Carla, Riccardo e Massimo Braccialini,1980Slide thumbnail

Carla’s sons Riccardo and Massimo stepped into the company

storia-1987-braccialinigroupSlide thumbnail

License agreement with the British maison Vivienne Westwood for the bags and accessories

storia-1988-braccialinigroupSlide thumbnail

A new company Contromano was founded for the mid segment of ladies’ fashion handbags

storia-1995-braccialinigroupSlide thumbnail

A new license agreement for Contromano with the maison RoccoBarocco

storia-1997-braccialinigroupSlide thumbnail

License agreement con Mila Schön

storia-1998-braccialinigroupSlide thumbnail

Braccialini signs a license agreement with patrick Cox and Toni Gard

storia-2000-braccialinigroupSlide thumbnail

Braccialini joins the Mariella Burani Fashion Group

Gherardini BraccialinigroupSlide thumbnail

Braccialini acquires 100% stake of Dadorosa srl, the world wide licensor of the ultra centenary label of handbags Gherardini

Sede Braccialini S.p.A.Slide thumbnail

Inauguration of the new headquarters in Scandicci the Italian main industrial district of high end leathergoods.

Sfilata BraccialiniSlide thumbnail

Braccialini leaves MBFG and returns independent through of investor (SICI, NEM, HAT)

Braccialini 60 Anni di storiaSlide thumbnail

Braccialini celebrates 60 years of activity