01 Oct Braccialini New Fragrance

A rich and precious fragrance to represent, with sophisticated but fresh elegance, the strong and wilful identity of Braccialini woman that, with innate comfort and Italian style, loves to surprise people. An intense and sensual scent that enchants with its enveloping power.
The fragrance opens with bergamot green freshness and tangerine sparkling radiance contrasted by red fruits juiciness to end in a lively explosion of joyful colours.
In the heart, the enveloping honey nectar with the yellow peach juiciness are twisted with the luxurious personality of white flowers. Rose petals creaminess adds a touch of elegant and timeless femininity to create a kaleidoscope of strong sensations.
In the bottom, the sensual Florentine orris, combined with praline and patchouli intensity, give a vibrant and unexpected signature to the fragrance.
The pack, unique and against the tide, alternates the strength of the colours yellow and black, ending with the symbol of femininity: the rose.
Olfactory Pyramid:
Top notes: Bergamot, Red Fruits, Mandarine
Middle notes: White Flowers, Peach, Rose Petals and Honey
Base notes: Florentine orris, Praline and Patchouli

The olfactory experience continues with a delicate shower gel that gives a refined touch to a daily gesture, making it a true beauty ritual.
Taking care of the beauty and scent of the skin is moreover the aim of the body lotion: a delicate touch of beauty to give your skin softness and a superb fragrance.

Coswell S.p.A.

Born in 2006, from the consolidated experience of Guaber Spa, Coswell is a company created to give consumers high standard products characterizing itself among the perfume industry with the division Eurocosmesi. Dynamic, with an excellent level of expertise and constant innovation, Coswell refines its products to guarantee consumers high quality and excellence.